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New Website

UntitledenSpring time is a renovation season. Here, Spring brought a new and completely fresh Website. What changed? Everything! Or almost. New design, new content and the same proximity. We now highlight the pictures that portray our daily activities at the research center, the Day-care/living centers and at the volunteers’ homes. These pictures also show the different phases of the research process: the interviews, the questionnaires and the tests. These are mostly tests with smartphones or tablets, but also with paper prototypes and wearable sensors.

We added a glossary with words we use quite often, so that all of you understand our ‘techy’ vocabulary. We kept the information about us, the network of partner institutions, the projects we were involved in and the well-known Hall of Fame. You can keep following our blog on News, and you will be aware of the recent news. An idea here and there and the result is a cheerful and dynamic website, just like COLABORAR.

Thank you João for the dedication and for building the site just like Ana idealized it. And thank you Jorge for continuing the good work.

Enjoy our new Website and invite some friends!