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Project DeMind: beginning of the pilot with older adults


We are glad that the pilot for the project DeMind has just  begun! The pilot is taking place in Lisbon, at Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Lisboa (SCML), a partner of COLABORAR.

This pilot aims to promote technology-based activities for seniors attending 6 day-care centres from SCML and is called “Tec-Conhecimento”. CogniPlay, the Fraunhofer AICOS‘ application for tablets of cognitive games, is available for the participants on this project. ISCTE – Instituto Universitário de Lisboa is also a project’s partner. The consortium comprised by these 3 institutions aims to study the integration of activities supported by technology, particularly tablets, on the daily habits of older adults at day-care centers and seniors’ acceptance. At the same time, usability aspects of the interfaces are also being studied.


The project began with a presentation of CogniPlay to the technical staff of the centers. This project lasts until July and we are looking forward for its results.

Note: Thank you SCML for the images.

Usability assessment of SmartBEAT: tests with users


Fraunhofer AICOS’ SmartBEAT was tested by a group of users from our user network COLABORAR.

The user-friendly interfaces were used by seniors and pre-seniors at the Living Lab. Researchers conducted observation evaluations of participants. The tasks included performing measures of vital signs, responding to questionnaires and managing timely reminders of medication.

This study was very important, as researchers could understand if there are any issue to improve in what concerns to usability and user experience.

You can get more information about SmartBEAT here:;

Deus ex Machina: research methods

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Fraunhofer Portugal AICOS started working in a new and big project: Deus ex Machina. One of the work packages within this project is called “Mind and behaviour” and will focus on Human-Computer Interaction (HCI).

This is an opportunity for researchers to study research methods and fundamental principles of Human-Computer Interaction related to attention, perception, memory, iconography, language and multitasking. These themes can support the developments under other projects with prototypes and user interfaces of technological solutions.

Researchers will also focus on ethics on research, since at Fraunhofer Portugal AICOS the user is in the centre of the research and development.

We will be back to you with more news on this project soon!