Visits to the centres

As usually, we are making visits to the centres, wishing an excellent 2018 to the very supportive people who collaborate with us in many Fraunhofer‘s projects. We offer some tokens as well, along with the COLABORAR postcard.

Wishing all of you a happy new year. Here is to another year of great tests, questionnaires, user research and usability issues.

Happy Holidays!


Happy Holidays everyone!

As end-of-year approaches, the COLABORAR team is making performance reviews and planning for the next year. We evaluate the last year work and accomplishments, hilighting the support for  Fraunhofer Portugal AICOS‘ research projects by recruiting users for research activities; COLABORAR also provided a guide to research ethics and a manual on how to conduct research activities with users, thus contributing for the uniformization of procedures and promoting guidance and reccomendations of good practices. We set goals for the next year as well. We plan improvements in the software COLABORAR is using to manage the projects and we will conduct a new survey with users in the network. And lots of tests and other research activities!

Happy Holidays from the COLABORAR team to you.

Celebrating the COLABORAR’s 6th Anniversary


The researchers would like to thank the 1500 individuals who participated as users on the Fraunhofer’s tests and user research activities in the last 6 years. Their participation and critiques are essential to the quality of applications that has been developed at Fraunhofer Portugal AICOS.

Thank you to all our COLABORAR Volunteers!

Season’s Greetings


The holidays are here and it is the perfect time to thank the volunteers of the user network COLABORAR for the cooperation.

We payed visits to the centres and offered our season’s greetings postcards along some tokens with a big “Thank you!” and a smile.

The COLABORAR team wishes all of you an enchanted Holiday Season and a Happy New Year filled with health, success and happiness.

We gratefully appreciate your good will. Your participation in our project as end users means a lot. We see you in 2017, with fresh projects related to new technologies!



Happy Holidays

Colaborar_XmasCard2015_web - Copy

Hello COLABORAR friends!

Have a wonderful Holidays Season and may the spirit of the Season fill your days with happiness and love.

Best wishes to you, your family and friends,


Christmas tour around the centres


We have finished our Christmas tour to the Day-Care/Living Centres.

We were warmly welcomed in festive and beautiful environments with Christmas decorations and music. We saw the traditional nativity scenes and Christmas trees made by the users, mainly with natural materials such as pinecones or moss and also paper and cardboard.  The windows and walls were also decorated with Christmas wreaths and figures  – Santa hats and silhouettes, flowers and Christmas stockings.

We wished everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and gave colouring books as tokens, along with our unique and personalized postcards.


Happy New Year!

It was a wonderful year for COLABORAR. There have been several tests, interviews and questionnaires with end-users and thankfully, we could always count on our senior friends! During the year, many institutions and seniors individually joined us and made COLABORAR richer.

Internally, the COLABORAR application (mobile and web) was created. Furthermore, COLABORAR was selected to be presented in an international conference and also to be a stakeholder of a European project. The latter invitation was born because COLABORAR was identified as an example of best practices of how to involve elderly people in the design of new technologies and of how to create and maintain a user network for a long time and for so many projects. This fills us with pride.


May the New Year is full of success, ideas and challenges!

Merry Christmas!

This is the time of the year when we give presents to all of those who were there for us throughout the year.

With a lot of affection, COLABORAR prepared unique Christmas Cards that were sent to the institutions and to individual users in the network that participated on COLABORAR activities. COLABORAR also paid visits to the centres, as usual, and distributed books about Oporto.


This is one of the ways in which we thank users and institutions for being part of the amazing project COLABORAR that not only brings together researchers and seniors, but also exclusively shows seniors the latest technological innovations that will contribute to increase their quality of life (and our own!).


Thank you for the fondness, for the moments of joy and for always sharing your important opinions about new technologies. Merry Christmas to all!

Happy International Day of Older Person



Every day at Fraunhofer AICOS researchers make decisions with and for seniors. Continuously, questions arise about what are senior users’ needs, concerns and expectations regarding technologies in specific situations.

The main purpose of the network COLABORAR is to provide a close and almost permanent contact with older adults.

The hundreds of research activities such as questionnaires, usability and validation tests carried out during almost three years wouldn’t be possible if it wasn’t for the willingness of the COLABORAR senior volunteers.

COLABORAR wants to say a big thank you to all of the seniors who collaborate or collaborated with us. You all have a special place in our hearts.

Besides the support for user research, the project COLABORAR is also a good example of the active participation of seniors in society.

COLABORAR. Together we simplify the future.

Xmas is here!

Christmas is always a wonderful time for us and all our friends in the network COLABORAR.

This year, as usual, we are sending out season greetings cards and we will be also spending some fun afternoons with our friends at the centers gathering around a traditional Portuguese King cake! Yummy!

Keep an eye open for further coverage of our busy Christmas celebrations!


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