International partnership1

The COLABORAR project is a stakeholder of the SIForAGE project


We are happy to share with you that Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Lisboa (SCML) has come across COLABORAR on the Internet and has identified us as an example to show to others regarding best practices in designing with and for older adults.

SCML is involved in a European project called SIforAge and has requested us to be involved as stakeholders in the project.

We have gladly accepted the invitation and we are looking forward for the fora that will bring different institutions together to discuss possible ways forward in the development of solutions for active and healthy ageing.

About the project SIforAge:

The SIforAge project (SOCIAL INNOVATION ON ACTIVE AND HEALTHY AGEING FOR A GROWING AND SUSTAINABLE ECONOMY) is an international partnership, funded by the European Union, in the scope of the European Programme FP7. The SIForAGE counts on the participation of 19 international partners, including Brazil and Turkey (representing many sectors of society) such as: Universities, Public Administration, Companies, NGO’s, among others. It has as a challenge the social innovation and including innovative aspects in the formulation of public policies, as well as approaching the investigation on active and healthy ageing to the senior population. That project lasts for four years (2012-2016).