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Technical Director of CCIB in an interview about the participation of the elderly of Centro de Convívio para Idosos do Bonfim on the project COLABORAR


It’s fantastic because they feel useful and responsible.

Dr. Márcia Neto is a Social Educator and Technical Director of the Centro de Convívio para Idosos do Bonfim (CCIB), an institution belonging to Junta de Freguesia do Bonfim, which has been collaborating with Fraunhofer for two years. The CCIB has participated in several of Fraunhofer´s research activities, including questionnaires, interviews, usability tests and demonstration videos. About the participation of the elderly in these activities, Dr. Márcia highlights the opportunity for the centre attendants to access new technologies and to engage in intergenerational interaction:

The collaboration of the Day-Care Centre with Fraunhofer during these two years has been very positive because it allows our elderly to have knowledge of a completely different reality, to work with different people and to have access to technologies that they would otherwise possibly never have known.

In addition, she also highlights the willingness of older people to participate in these activities:

It’s fantastic because they feel useful and responsible (…) and I truly appreciate this work and this proposal because they really enrich our activities.


In-Home Interviews for ChefMyself


Last week Fraunhofer’s researchers interviewed eleven seniors that are part of our user network COLABORAR for the project ChefMyself – Assistance solution for improving cooking skills and nutritional knowledge for independent elders.
This time, the interviews took place in their own homes and in the end, as usually, we had time for an informal conversation. Thank you so much to all of the elders who collaborated in our project!
Soon we will have more ChefMyself-related news to share with you!