Demo of Active@Home for Porto Canal


Fraunhofer Portugal AICOS‘ researcher António Santos was in the TV programme Mundo Local, for the Portuguese channel Porto Canal.

He explained the project Active@Home, the platform of home-based physical exercise for older adults. Mrs. Cecília Mendonça, user network COLABORAR volunteer, was present in the studio as well, and was interviewed regarding their participation in the tests.

During the news piece, a demo recorded inside our Living Lab was also displayed.

We guess that many people wants to try the exercises of Active@Home.




Active@Home and COLABORAR in the news


Following the initial tests of the Active@Home project, we gave a demonstration to a Portuguese news agency and once again we counted on the COLABORAR volunteers.

In this way, the Fraunhofer Portugal AICOS made known this technological project consisting of traditional dance exercises and Tai-Chi, which works on TV, along with some sensors, and therefore allows the elderly to perform strength and balance training at home. António Santos, the researcher responsible for the project, highlights the “playful and entertaining component” of these training program.

COLABORAR was highlighted as well, as journalists wanted to know about this network of about 1000 volunteers, who help to test and validate Fraunhofer’s applications. One of the volunteers who participated in the demonstration session, Mr. Jorge Mendonça, was interviewed and spoke about his experience, saying that he likes to participate because he gets to know important applications, especially in the area of health, and that this project of technology for home gymnastics can be very helpful for seniors.

The news piece appeared in many Portuguese newspapers and we are very proud. You can see them here (Portuguese only):;;;;

Fraunhofer Portugal part of the Porto4Ageing – Excellence Centre on Active and Healthy Ageing


The Municipality of Porto (Câmara Municipal do Porto) and the University of Porto launched a formal application of the region to the European Reference Site of the Active and Healthy Ageing to the European Commission.

With this purpose, it was created the consortium Porto4Ageing that comprises more than 70 institutions: decision makers/care providers, companies/industries, academia/research organizations and civil society/users. The consortium will be an Excellent Centre on Active and Healthy Ageing and will act as an aggregator by bringing together many institutions and professionals that work in areas related to seniors.

We are very  happy that our research centre, Fraunhofer Portugal AICOS, is part of the consortium. We will certainly contribute to the discussion of problems related to older adults and present creative solutions that could be replicated in other regions of Portugal and Europe.

The official ceremony of presentation of the proposal to the European Commission took place on April 11st, in Porto, and many institutions were present.

Dagny Carlsson: the oldest blogger in the world


Dagny Carlsson has 103 years old, lives in Sweden and is the oldest blogger in the world. We had the chance to meet her two years ago in the AAL Forum 2013, in which Dagny was a special guest and since then we occasionally have a look on her blog.

Mrs. Dagny begun learning Informatics when she was 99 years old in a course she took and since then she maintains a personal blog where she writes about different topics and shows us her daily life in a heartwarming and optimistic manner. She shares the beauty of the little things such as her passion for nature, cooking and traveling. Quite often she shows us the desserts she cooks herself (the tasty raisin cakes and blueberries muffins) and tells us short stories of her childhood and youth memories. She also teaches us how to save money and manage personal finances.


She shows us pictures of her home, lovely decorated with flower motifs and the desk with her computer, in a corner of the living room, near the window. She tells about the traditions of her country and how much she is grateful for all she is and has.

Having lived through two world wars, in an interview for the Swedish Journal Aftonbladet, Dagny highlights the improvements in life standards, conditions and opportunities. However, she thinks that the social relationships have become different and more difficult, as nowadays people don’t care for each other. So, she intends to be a voice that alerts to some situations that elders have to face and she tries to promote reflection on this issues.


When asked about what the secret for a long life is, she answers: genes and the curiosity of always learning something new. She has an e-mail account, enjoys surfing on the web, is learning how to use her iPad, and is planning to venture on Instagram.

Recently, Dagny participated in the documentary series ” It is not so bad to get old”, displayed on the Swedish TV channel SVT. You can have a sneak peek here.

It is worthwhile following Dagny’s blog and entering the world of this lady who still appreciates the beauty of autumn leaves, despite they have caused her to fall.


Please note: photos by Dagny Carlsson on her blog.

Fraunhofer Portugal at I Ciclo de Conferências da Saúde


Fraunhofer Portugal AICOS will participate on I Ciclo de Conferências da Saúde – The future of Health in Portugal. The event will take place in Porto, on October 2 and 3, and is organized by Clinicuidados – Apoio Domiciliário e Saúde, that recently joined our group of partner institutions.

The conference will support the discussion of the current stage of the Portuguese health system and the challenges that the aging will bring to the health sector will be debated. Representatives of many institutions, both public and private, will be present at the conference.

Fraunhofer’s participation will be on October 2, in 2 panels: a presentation by Dr. Liliana Ferreira entitled “Mobile solutions for managing and monitoring health”, in which many innovative technological solutions from Fraunhofer Portugal in this area will be presented; and another panel that will consists of a debate entitled “Can I get old in Portugal?”. The latter will focus on ageing in the future, considered through the perspectives of social and health politics (reformulation of health care of public or private sector and what the role of new technologies on health responses will be), in which Eng. Pedro Almeida from Fraunhofer Portugal will participate.

If you want to know more about this conference, please click here.

COLABORAR in the news: AAL JP


The AAL JP, a European programme that promotes projects of applied research to the areas of active ageing, has just published a news piece about COLABORAR both on its Website and on its Newsletter. A brief history of our network of co-designers and its main achievements are presented, namely over 40 Fraunhofer Portugal AICOS’s projects supported so far as well as over 1500 design & research activities carried out.

Our presentation video is displayed along the magnificent and genuine testimonials of some of our dear COLLABORATORS, that tells about their experience of collaborating and being part of such a beautiful project that brings together seniors, health and social professionals and researchers. It reveals also our future work that is now being prepared: statistical data regarding Portuguese seniors, which will allow researchers to identify great opportunities to solve some problems seniors are facing, by developing technological solutions.

We are glad that our project was chosen to be included in the news of the AAL JP, because it represents another opportunity to raise awareness about our project around Europe. If you know someone, here or abroad, who wants to join the network, please contact us.

Promotional video for Exergames – The making of

We have told you many times about the Exergames project, about how fun it is and about our satisfaction in contributing for the development of new technological solutions to help tackle this health problem that affects the elderly population: falls.

Now is time to show you the Exergames and, in order to show how it works, we asked some COLABORAR friends to record a small video. We are in the process of editing the video, but for now we can show you some pictures of the “Making of”.

049 IMG_1827IMG_1757

AAL4ALL on the Portuguese TV programme “Sabia que?”

The AAL4ALL project was once again highlighted on national television, this time around on the programme “Sabia que?” of RTP Informação.


Fraunhofer received the RTP journalists, who began by interviewing the AAL4ALL team, who, in turn, explained the technical issues related to the software for the smartphone specifically designed for seniors. They also presented the web platform for caregivers, both informal and formal, designed so that they can stay up to date on the activities of their family members or people they care for (patients or attendees of a Centre for seniors, for example).
Then, two volunteers involved in the trials, Mr. António Baptista and his daughter, Mrs. Aldina Almeida, gave insights on the importance of the system for older adults and their caregivers.

Mr. Baptista emphasized the usefulness of the medication reminders and the importance of the size of the buttons that allowed easy reading. Mr. Baptista also commented that during the trial (2 months) he checked the chart that showed him his activity throughout the day. His daughter told the journalist that she felt more reassured for being able to remotely accompany the daily life of his father.

Thank you Mrs. Aldina Almeida and Mr. Baptista for your dedicated participation.

Watch the full news piece on the video below:

News piece about the AAL4ALL Large Scale Trial on the national TV channel TVI

Once again, the AAL4ALL Large Scale Trial was in the news, this time around on the national TV channel TVI, on the information program “Jornal das Oito”.

The shooting took place at participants’ home. Sr.ª D. Fernanda Mendes and Sr. Fernando Guimarães welcomed Fraunhofer’s team and the reporters from TVI. Then, they showed the journalists the application they used over the past 2 months and were asked about their opinion regarding the usefulness of this technology for them.


The shooting on the street caught the attention of the walkers; even still, Sr.ª D. Fernanda never lost her concentration in the task of demonstrating the use of SmartCompanion.

Both enjoyed participating in the shooting. Thank you very much!

Watch the video here:

SIC’s news piece about the AAL4ALL Large Scale Trial

In a cold February morning, COLABORAR and the Fraunhofer Portugal team met Mrs. ad Mr. Medeiros in their home for an interview/demo of the SmartCompanion, in the scope of their participation in the AAL4ALL Large Scale Trial.


The journalists of the Portuguese TV channel SIC arrived at the nice house and begun choosing the best angles to place the camera.

Mr. Fernando Medeiros showed how to use SmartCompanion for medication management, by receiving a medication reminder on the smartphone. Although Mr. Medeiros doesn’t feel like he needs notifications to remind him of his medication, he agrees that the feature is very helpful for some people. He also tried the intelligent fall detection feature and even simulated a near fall inside his home.

Mrs. Ludovina Medeiros shared with the journalists that while she was testing SmartCompanion for a period of two months, she benefited a lot from the activity monitor feature, that helped her stay more active as the application challenged her every day to achieve the activity goal considered healthy and by keeping her aware of her daily activity level.

In the end of the shooting, we enjoyed some delicious cookies from Gouveia (a city near Serra da Estrela), accompanied with Oporto wine – «it is a Portuguese home, indeed»!

Watch the complete news piece: