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3000 user research and testing sessions with users

We are happy to have achieved the milestone of 3000 user research and testing sessions!

In the last 7 and a half years, COLABORAR supported 3000 user research activities. Requirements gathering, user interviews, diary studies, prototype testing, card sorting, focus groups, in-person usability studies, surveys and pilot studies are the activities carried out.

The COLABORAR team could not be more glad. We learned many things during this time regarding the recruitment of people for research and testing, as well as about carrying research with users. For the next years, we expect to double this milestone!

Collecting data to develop a mobile app for psychologists

Psychologists often collect and analyse large amounts of data from their patients in their clinical practice. At Fraunhofer Portugal AICOS, an engineering student is developing a mobile app to support psychologists in their job.

Sixty COLABORAR volunteers made an important contribution to science by taking part in a session with a psychologist. The psychologist, also a volunteer, applied some psychology methods and instruments to evaluate each person.

The study received approval from an independent ethics committee. In the end of the study, participants will receive an individualized report provided by the psychologist. Many thanks to all participants for being so kind to participate in research! Your help adds value to technology, since real data are used in its development.

COLABORAR recruits participants for a longitudinal study

A longitudinal study on smartphone use by older adults in Porto, coordinated by Fraunhofer Portugal AICOS‘ Human-Centered Design team, is being set-up. Participants were recruited by COLABORAR and are ready to begin this longitudinal study.

Using a qualitative research approach, researchers of the Human-Centered Design team of Fraunhofer Portugal AICOS are starting a longitudinal study of over a one-year. This study aims to better understand how people use their smartphone and the possible changes in the patterns of its use over the time.

Participants will use a costumized senior-friendly smartphone app that enables them to perform common mobile tasks such as sending messages, make calls and taking photos. Emergency calls and help requests are also available. They can use the medication reminder app, as well as a navigational application. Smartphone-based monitoring of older adults is part of this study; for this purpose, activity level monitoring and fall detection apps are included. This monitoring is made possible through the use of a wearable device — the GoLiveClip. In addition, users can receive remote help from a caregiver who will use a web application.

The modules of the app won several prizes: Google, Vodafone, Zon and World Summit Award Mobile. All modules of the app were developed according to the needs of older adults and were tested by COLABORAR volunteers. Data collection will be made remotely in natural settings and every three months through in-person evaluations at Fraunhofer AICOS. This study will enable to understand how older adults use tools to prevent isolation, promote their autonomy, safety and quality of life.

COLABORAR recruited more than 50 older adults interested in participating in this study. They are enthusiasts about technology, although not all of them own a smartphone. This enables us to have individuals with different digital skills in the sample, making the sample more representative of the population of older adults.

The new Academic Code of Academic Conduct of the University of Porto

COLABORAR attended the “Ethics Committee of the University of Porto Day” on April 11 at Salão Nobre of Oporto University Rectorate building.

The new Academic Code of Ethical Conduct of the University of Porto was offically presented in this event. It is of our interest to fully comply with the highest ethical standards and regulations regarding ethical issues in research. Our aim is to maintain excellence and integrity in conducting research, respecting the rights and dignity of others.

In this event we got to know the general principles to which we intend to adhere when conducting research activities. We were presented with a paper copy of the ethics code, which will be made available in digital format as well.

A history of friendship with Centro de Convívio para Idosos do Bonfim


Next month Centro de Convívio para Idosos do Bonfim (Living Center for Seniors of Bonfim) will close its doors. The users will move to a new centre and, while we hope that new centre will join COLABORAR, we are certain that we will miss the people and the old and beautiful building.

We will not forget the incredibly warm people from CCIB nor the moments of joy we had at the centre.

Thank you for being part of COLABORAR and for having accompanied our history and victories. Thank you for sharing with us your concerns, difficulties, battles, reasons for pride and happiness. We have learned many things about the Third Age and people in general. This helped us on our research work and, most of all, enriched us as persons.


More users in Oporto!

Almost 15 seniors of Oporto joined the more than 400 users of COLABORAR. The project was recently presented at Informatics classes for seniors and all adhered to this group that helps create technological solutions to improve well-being amongst elderly people.

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COLABORAR is on Facebook!


At COLABORAR we value the proximity with users. With the goal of becoming closer to participants and the public in general, COLABORAR created its Facebook page with exclusive news about the project.

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COLABORAR is recruiting participants for the tests of FCC – Fall Risk Assessment

Fraunhofer AICOS’s researchers are still evaluating the fall risk of the Portuguese senior population through a smartphone application, for the project FCC – Fall Risk Assessment.
The evaluation is consists of a physical test and questionnaires, both supported by the software developed for smartphones.


As always, we count on our COLABORAR friend’s readiness to help, who constitute a sample of the Portuguese senior population.


Fun afternoons with new technologies


It is so motivating to see older adults using interfaces for tablets especially designed by Fraunhofer AICOS for them!

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