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Active@Home: new games tested by volunteers

Promotion of physical activity at home and fall prevention are the aims of the Active@Home project.

Active@Home is under development at Fraunhofer Portugal AICOS, along with Unie KBO, Comfort Keepers Portugal, ETH Zurich and MIRALab SARL. Interactive games for motor-cognitive training were developed. These games enable older adults to do exercises in a joyful and entertaining manner.

A session of tests took place at Fraunhofer. COLABORAR organised the session and counted with the participation of older adults in the network.  They executed exercises of dance and Tai-chi while using motion sensors in the body to monitor their movements.

Participants had fun and gave valuable insights that we used for technology assessment.

VITAAL tests

New interactive games for older adults are being developed at Fraunhofer Portugal AICOS.

Researchers have been working in a multidisciplinary team to build algorithms, game interfaces for TV and wearable sensors.  The new project is called VITAAL and was just tested by the COLABORAR volunteers. They tried out the games and gave insights regarding the game interfaces.

We thank volunteers for colaborating in the project.



FallSensing's Clinical app tested

As part of the FallSensing project, researchers conducted a study with the aim of developing a multifactor solution for fall risk assessment. A customized therapeutic exercise prescription plan to prevent falls in the elderly was developed and tested by older adults.

This project is being developed by the Consortium formed by the Fraunhofer Portugal Research Centre for Assistive Communication and Information Solutions (Fraunhofer Portugal AICOS), Sensing Future Technologies, SA and the Polytechnic Institute of Coimbra, through ESTeSC – Escola Superior de Health Technology of Coimbra. The application can be viewed on a computer or monitor and is being developed by Fraunhofer Portugal AICOS. The therapeutic exercise plan is personalized to each older adult, according to he initial fall risk assessment and performance in exercises. The app is intended to be used in clinical context as a tool for physiotherapists. Therefore, a physiotherapist from the Consortium was at Fraunhofer AICOS during 15 sessions to apply the therapeutic plan to participants in the tests. Participants were COLABORAR’s volunteers and completed the plan, which included initial and final fall risk assessment and exercises for fall prevention.

A big thank you to COLABORAR’s volunteers.

Games for bladder incontinence prevention

We have just tested new serious interactive games. These games are focused on pelvic floor muscle training and aim at tackling urinary incontinence, as well as mobility and cognitive impairments.

The games are TV-based and inertial sensors are placed in specific parts of the body to monitor movement in real time. COLABORAR volunteers participated in the testing phase of this project, in which a masters’ student from Multimedia Communication added an important contribution and, on the other side, he used the work within this project as part of his masters’ thesis to submit to the university.

Thank you to all volunteers who participated!

Virtual reality for seniors

COGNISTIM is a new project under development at Fraunhofer Portugal AICOS.

COGNISTIM is a mobile application combined with special glasses and it enables seniors to experience virtual reality through stimulation games. These games were designed to stimulate both physical and cognitive systems of older adults. We have a Master’s student from the University of Coimbra doing his master´s thesis within this project. The student developed the app and now he is testing it with COLABORAR volunteers.

We brought the equipment to a day-care centre and it was amazing to provide older adults with a totally new experience. These tests were great! We hope to introduce more seniors to virtual reality soon!

Active@Home: Platform for physical and cognitive training

A new platform for physical and cognitive training was developed at Fraunhofer Portugal AICOS within the project Active@Home.

Usability tests were carried out at the Living Lab to help researchers test user interfaces for TV and inertial sensors.  Participants were very committed and helped researchers find improvement points. 

We all had a good time playing the games and learning with older adults.

Tests with COLABORAR volunteers hilighted in the SmartCompanion presentation at Fraunhofer

In a presentation about SmartCompanion, the researcher Ana Vasconcelos, from Fraunhofer Portugal AICOS, hilighted the tests in which the COLABORAR volunteers have participated.

SmartCompanion is an application for smartphone specially developed for older adults, but since it is so amazing, the youngers like using the app as well! The researcher showed the way results from tests and interviews with the COLABORAR volunteers were integrated in the project, since 2011. A lot has changed since the initial prototypes. Icons and interactions were changed over the time, following older adults’ preferences and needs.

We are proud to see the work presented this way. Our thank you to all participants for helping SmartCompanion to grow.

Validation studies with users of medical devices hilighted in the meeting of MDevNet

The topic of validation studies of technology-based medical devices with users was hilighted in a meeting with the members of MDevNet.

MDevNet is an initiative led by Fraunhofer Portugal AICOS that gathers many R&D institutions, industry, academia, public entities and end-user representatives. What brings the partners in the network together is their active involvement in the process of valuing technology transfer of technology-based medical devices.

The meeting was organized around three themes:

  • clarification of legal issues associated with medical devices;
  • obstacles and promotion of mechanisms for interaction between national entities involved in the process of co-development and validation of medical devices and
  • effectiveness of technology transfer processes.

One of the topics was related to validation studies of medical devices with users and all the certification process.

In general, the conclusion of the meeting was that more information about regulations, processes and formalities is needed.

Tests for a master thesis

In thelast few years, research on activity monitoring and exercises for falls prevention has been developed at Fraunhofer Portugal AICOS. Recently, we have a student who has been developing her master thesis in this area.

Now it’s time to make some tests. COLABORAR recruited a group of volunteers to help us out in this important task. Volunteers participated in this research activity by performing walking exercises.

Thank you to all participants for giving us your time and for being part of the research.