Usability Day3

World Usability Day 2016


November 10th, 2016, is the World Usability Day!

In this special occasion we celebrate the importance of usability studies, in order to make products and services more usable for everyone. It’s all about user-friendliness of all devices we use on our daily living. At Fraunhofer Portugal AICOS, the Human-Computer Interaction team focuses on making smartphone, TV and tablet interfaces simple to use for its end-users, which are the people who will use the applications and devices.

We highlight the fact that usability studies require researchers, designers and users to collaborate. Thank you all our volunteers from the user network COLABORAR!

Happy World Usability Day


The World Usability Day is celebrated on November 12th.  The COLABORAR project was created to help researchers of Fraunhofer Portugal AICOS improve the usability of its applications, mainly directed at senior users. That is why COLABORAR is formed by people. Because every and each personal experience counts. Because it is not enough to hear from the experts and make user interfaces that are simple and intuitive, it is necessary to listen to potential real users and watch them use the applications. And this is a key piece to developing successful products.

COLABORAR would like to wish a Happy World Usability Day to all, since we are all users of any product or service.

See how you can get involved in this project here.

November 13th is the World Usability Day 2014

Usability is concerned with how users interact with products or systems. A product or service should be easy to use, useful, practical and satisfying.

Inviting end users to be active participants in the process of design of these technologies is the key to achieve this purpose.

At Fraunhofer AICOS, users from the user network COLABORAR help to improve the usability of interfaces.