The video of the Technological Fair

The video showing our participation in the Technological Fair is now available.

Witness below some fun moments of the event hat welcomed one hundred seniors to try out Fraunhofer AICOS’s applications for tablets, smartphones and TV’s.

The event was organized by Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Lisboa and Fraunhofer Portugal AICOS. It was a great opportunity not only to gather a big number of seniors around new technologies but also to engage in some “techy conversations”.

World Diabetes Day

November 14th is World Diabetes Day. The day was created by the International Diabetes Federation to help increase Diabetes awareness. Diabetes is a disease that affects people worldwide and its complications are blindness, heart attack, kidney failure and limb amputation. Blindness and amputation are consequences of Diabetic Rethinopathy and Diabetic Neuropathy, respectively. Researchers from  Fraunhofer Portugal AICOS are developing new solutions to improve the early detection of these Diabetes complications. COLABORAR wants to mark the date by highlighting those projects:

  • EyeFundusScope – “Mobile-based risk assessment of Diabetic Retinopathy by image processing” comprises an ophthalmoscopic adapter attached to a smartphone with an application that processes the images of the eye fundus captured by the optical adapter. The app allows the detection of micro-aneurysms, which are the first visible signs of Diabetic Rethinopathy, on an non-expert monitoring context, enabling an early pre-diagnosis;
  • NeuropathyDetect – “Detection of Peripheral Neuropathy in Diabetes patients” consists of using plantar pressure sensors and smartphone built-in accelerometers to collect gait data that is then analyzed by a mobile application. It enables to identify early signs of Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy in diabetic patients who therefore must adopt protective measures to prevent feet injuries and be followed-up by their medical doctor, in order to improve their treatment.

You can see a news piece by SIC Notícias on these two Fraunhofer Portugal AICOS’s projects below (in Portuguese).

The video of ExerGames

After a sneak peek of the “Making of” we had shown you, now is the time for us to present you the video of the ExerGames. From the images one can sense the good mood of the participants while playing these serious exercise games. This is also an example for other seniors who can have fun while exercising both physical and mentally or for someone who needs to perform rehabilitation exercises.

COLABORAR thanks all the participants for the help in the preparation of this video and for the friendship.


AAL4ALL on the Portuguese TV programme “Sabia que?”

The AAL4ALL project was once again highlighted on national television, this time around on the programme “Sabia que?” of RTP Informação.


Fraunhofer received the RTP journalists, who began by interviewing the AAL4ALL team, who, in turn, explained the technical issues related to the software for the smartphone specifically designed for seniors. They also presented the web platform for caregivers, both informal and formal, designed so that they can stay up to date on the activities of their family members or people they care for (patients or attendees of a Centre for seniors, for example).
Then, two volunteers involved in the trials, Mr. António Baptista and his daughter, Mrs. Aldina Almeida, gave insights on the importance of the system for older adults and their caregivers.

Mr. Baptista emphasized the usefulness of the medication reminders and the importance of the size of the buttons that allowed easy reading. Mr. Baptista also commented that during the trial (2 months) he checked the chart that showed him his activity throughout the day. His daughter told the journalist that she felt more reassured for being able to remotely accompany the daily life of his father.

Thank you Mrs. Aldina Almeida and Mr. Baptista for your dedicated participation.

Watch the full news piece on the video below:

News piece about the AAL4ALL Large Scale Trial on the national TV channel TVI

Once again, the AAL4ALL Large Scale Trial was in the news, this time around on the national TV channel TVI, on the information program “Jornal das Oito”.

The shooting took place at participants’ home. Sr.ª D. Fernanda Mendes and Sr. Fernando Guimarães welcomed Fraunhofer’s team and the reporters from TVI. Then, they showed the journalists the application they used over the past 2 months and were asked about their opinion regarding the usefulness of this technology for them.


The shooting on the street caught the attention of the walkers; even still, Sr.ª D. Fernanda never lost her concentration in the task of demonstrating the use of SmartCompanion.

Both enjoyed participating in the shooting. Thank you very much!

Watch the video here:

SIC’s news piece about the AAL4ALL Large Scale Trial

In a cold February morning, COLABORAR and the Fraunhofer Portugal team met Mrs. ad Mr. Medeiros in their home for an interview/demo of the SmartCompanion, in the scope of their participation in the AAL4ALL Large Scale Trial.


The journalists of the Portuguese TV channel SIC arrived at the nice house and begun choosing the best angles to place the camera.

Mr. Fernando Medeiros showed how to use SmartCompanion for medication management, by receiving a medication reminder on the smartphone. Although Mr. Medeiros doesn’t feel like he needs notifications to remind him of his medication, he agrees that the feature is very helpful for some people. He also tried the intelligent fall detection feature and even simulated a near fall inside his home.

Mrs. Ludovina Medeiros shared with the journalists that while she was testing SmartCompanion for a period of two months, she benefited a lot from the activity monitor feature, that helped her stay more active as the application challenged her every day to achieve the activity goal considered healthy and by keeping her aware of her daily activity level.

In the end of the shooting, we enjoyed some delicious cookies from Gouveia (a city near Serra da Estrela), accompanied with Oporto wine – «it is a Portuguese home, indeed»!

Watch the complete news piece:

Promotional video for Carebox: introducing Mr. Baptista

Back in 2012, Fraunhofer AICOS produced a promotional video for CareBox – A TV-Based Homecare System, a prototype of remote health monitoring and assistance system developed at Fraunhofer AICOS within the projects eCALLYX and CAALYX-MV.

This prototype allows users to take advantage of the features integrated on the TV: health agenda, medication intake, scheduling, alerts, vital sign monitoring, videoconference with doctors, medical questionnaires and health videos.


Want to know more? Watch the video here and get to know Mr. Baptista, who is part of the COLABORAR network since 2011.

P.S.: Mr. Baptista is such a great actor! Thank you for always rising up to the challenge.

COLABORAR has a new video

Did you know that COLABORAR has a new video?
Thank you to all who are part of this fantastic project COLABORAR!

The video of COLABORAR

For all of you who still don’t know COLABORAR, here goes a video that we have put together with the seniors who are already part of COLABORAR.

We have asked them how it was for them to collaborate in our research projects. The spontaneity of their replies and their tender choice of words make evident the enthusiasm and warmness that characterize the relationship between researchers and participants.

We proudly share with you the video.