Dagny Carlsson: the oldest blogger in the world


Dagny Carlsson has 103 years old, lives in Sweden and is the oldest blogger in the world. We had the chance to meet her two years ago in the AAL Forum 2013, in which Dagny was a special guest and since then we occasionally have a look on her blog.

Mrs. Dagny begun learning Informatics when she was 99 years old in a course she took and since then she maintains a personal blog where she writes about different topics and shows us her daily life in a heartwarming and optimistic manner. She shares the beauty of the little things such as her passion for nature, cooking and traveling. Quite often she shows us the desserts she cooks herself (the tasty raisin cakes and blueberries muffins) and tells us short stories of her childhood and youth memories. She also teaches us how to save money and manage personal finances.


She shows us pictures of her home, lovely decorated with flower motifs and the desk with her computer, in a corner of the living room, near the window. She tells about the traditions of her country and how much she is grateful for all she is and has.

Having lived through two world wars, in an interview for the Swedish Journal Aftonbladet, Dagny highlights the improvements in life standards, conditions and opportunities. However, she thinks that the social relationships have become different and more difficult, as nowadays people don’t care for each other. So, she intends to be a voice that alerts to some situations that elders have to face and she tries to promote reflection on this issues.


When asked about what the secret for a long life is, she answers: genes and the curiosity of always learning something new. She has an e-mail account, enjoys surfing on the web, is learning how to use her iPad, and is planning to venture on Instagram.

Recently, Dagny participated in the documentary series ” It is not so bad to get old”, displayed on the Swedish TV channel SVT. You can have a sneak peek here.

It is worthwhile following Dagny’s blog and entering the world of this lady who still appreciates the beauty of autumn leaves, despite they have caused her to fall.


Please note: photos by Dagny Carlsson on her blog.