FallSensing Clinical app: tested by older adults


COLABORAR organized the test sessions for the FallSensing project. This project results from a consortium between Fraunhofer Portugal, Sensing Future Technologies and ESTeSC – Coimbra Health School and focus on the evaluation of multiple fall risk factors and the implementation of fall prevention programs for individuals aged 50 years old or older, given that this is the population most affected by falls.

Participants arrived early and motivated to test the prototype. Researchers tested the exercises for fall risk screening and a physiotherapist from ESTeSC joined us and conducted the tests with the clinical app.  Following the instructions of the app, each participant were evaluated for their fall risk factors and then, according to their risks, the application provided a personalized exercise plan for fall prevention. Participants used inertial sensors in their legs during the exercises, so to their body movements were monitored.

This app has the potential to help people over 50 stay strong and reduce their risk for falls. We hope that in the near future it will be available!

You can see more information about FallSensing here: http://fallsensing.com/project.


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