Interviews for SousChef


The project SousChef continues to run at Fraunhofer AICOS.

Researchers conducted interviews with nutritionists/dietitians in order to know some aspects to take into account when working with seniors in the scope of nutritional plans. Then, they were able to interview the social workers and co-wokers of the Day-Care/Living Centres and Nursing Homes for seniors of the user network COLABORAR. These professionals gave very important insights about the planning of meals for seniors, and gave practical examples of how to adjust seniors’ preferences to the recommendations of healthy eating.

The institutions also allowed us to visit the kitchen and the dining hall, enabling researchers to collect some data regarding the space and organization. They showed us some of their menus, which, by the way, seem to be delicious!

The data collected from the interviews and the ethnography observations will support Fraunhofer Portugal in its efforts to assist professionals and seniors.