Study about how seniors use technology

This year, a psychology student joins the COLABORAR team to conduct a study about the use of technology by older adults.

The longitudinal study is starting to collect data about seniors’ use of technology. We want to know which technological devices participants make use of and what activities participants perform with each of their devices.

The student will be running a survey comprised of many questions regarding technology. He will apply questionnaires to seniors of our user network COLABORAR and we are looking forward to seeing the results! Users will be contacted to answer by phone, in person and through the internet. Their participation is of great importance to us, as the survey will enable researchers from the Fraunhofer AICOS‘ Human-Centered Design group to better understand specific needs and preferences of older adults. Thus, they will build even more accurate and useful solutions!

A link to answer the questions will be available soon so that users far away from Porto can participate as well and be represented in this sample.