ExerGames and Active@Home at Older Adults' Day in Pombal

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Fraunhofer AICOS’ scientist António Santos traveled to Abiúl, a Portuguese village near Pombal, to present the projects ExerGames and Active@Home in the Seminar Envelhecimento + Activo e Saudável (+ Active and Healthy Ageing).

The event was organized by Fundação Dr. José Lourenço Júnior, a nursing home and day-care centre, in partnership with the Municipalities of Pombal and Abiúl. The seminar take place on the 3rd of October, inside the celebrations of the International Day of Older Persons.

Presentations were organized into 3 panels with the following themes: Physical Activity and Nutrition, Challenges for a Healthy Ageing and “I am a Senior…So what?”. Guest speakers addressed many issues related to ageing and talked about the challenges for all of us as a society regarding Ageing.  Additionally, they gave some practical examples of healthy habits and activities to stay active and healthy in the Older Age.

ExerGames and Active@Home received many positive comments from the audience that congratulated us for the innovative concept of joining interactive games and exercising for seniors!

Note: We thank Fundação Dr. José Lourenço Júnior for the images.