FCC – Fall Risk Assessment and SmartFeet at SCAS2015 – Coimbra

Fraunhofer AICOS’s projects FCC – Fall Risk Assessment and SmartFeet will be on display at Semana das Ciências Aplicadas na Saúde 2015 (SCAS2015), in Coimbra. Fraunhofer AICOS will participate in SCAS2015, a large event of free screenings, hosted by AE-ESTeSC with the support of ESTeSC.


The event will take place on April 20-26, at Dolce Vita Coimbra. This is a special occasion, since this year SCAS celebrates 10 years. The event had great affluence in the past editions, with a total of 500 000 visitors and about 200 000 health evaluations provided to the citizens of the central region of Portugal. This year, many visitors are expected, including seniors who can try out the SmartFeet and the Fall Risk Assessment tool of Fraunhofer Portugal. Therefore, participants will have the chance to evaluate their fall risk and then to perform exercises that reduce this risk, thus preventing falls. Additionally, they can pick up flyers with tips to prevent falls.

We would like to thank AE-ESTeSC for the invitation.

If you are in the nearby, visit SCAS2015 and discover how to prevent falls.