Focus group with Technicians from Day Care Centres


Yesterday, Fraunhofer Portugal AICOS hosted a group of technicians from the partner institutions of COLABORAR for a focus group related to the project Active@Home. This way we are promoting the involvement of professionals who work with older adults, so to the solution developed matches their needs and expectations and could be applied in their contexts.

Three Day Care/Living Centres were represented. Their directors and technicians gave us insights about the users of each centre, as they are who better know the different realities in the field. Thus, there are seniors who live at their own place and go the the Day Care/Living Centre during the day, others who live in a Nursing Home and another group who live at their own place and receive assistance from the Home-care Service. These different groups of seniors have different characteristics and needs.

We presented the project Active@Home, which aims to create “exergames” for seniors based on Tai-Chi and dance moves. It will be a new and promising way of exercising because it consists of interactive games and combines physical and cognitive training.

This focus group was very interesting, as enabled us to collect important information about the target group, their preferences and main difficulties, as well as tips and tricks to enhance seniors’ participation in physical activities.