Dance. Dont Fall! and Seniors from COLABORAR on “SIC Notícias”


We are always delighted to welcome our senior friends from COLABORAR to join us in our research related activities. This time around, “Exame Informática” made a news piece about the Dance. Don’t Fall! project and our friends had an important role as they demonstrated how to use the application and shared with the journalists the experience of participating in the usability tests of this project.

We are looking forward to watching the programme on “SIC Notícias”. Thanks!


News piece about S4S on “Correio da Manhã TV”


Soon enough you may watch a news piece about the project Smartphones for Seniors (S4S) on the programme Falar Global for Correio da Manhã TV. The shooting was made at Fraunhofer and for this event we invited over some seniors, as well as the Technical Director of the Centro de Convívio para idosos do Bonfim (CCIB), which integrates the network COLABORAR. They participated by being interviewed by the journalists and doing demonstrations of the S4S smartphone applications.

As usual, our guests brought much joy and good mood! Thank you for being with us in this special occasion! Here are a few moments of this fun afternoon.

Interviews for Personal Finances App


We’ve been spending the last few afternoons at the centres and at seniors’ homes conducting interviews for Personal Finances App. This Fraunhofer project is creating a smartphone application that assists older adults in managing their personal finances. With these interviews, we are collecting information on older adults’ routines, expectations, challenges and needs regarding the management of their personal finances. Seniors are teaching us a thing or two about managing and saving money! Thanks to all for sharing with us this information that we will use in our investigation, and mostly, for the precious advice!

Technical Director of CCIB in an interview about the participation of the elderly of Centro de Convívio para Idosos do Bonfim on the project COLABORAR


It’s fantastic because they feel useful and responsible.

Dr. Márcia Neto is a Social Educator and Technical Director of the Centro de Convívio para Idosos do Bonfim (CCIB), an institution belonging to Junta de Freguesia do Bonfim, which has been collaborating with Fraunhofer for two years. The CCIB has participated in several of Fraunhofer´s research activities, including questionnaires, interviews, usability tests and demonstration videos. About the participation of the elderly in these activities, Dr. Márcia highlights the opportunity for the centre attendants to access new technologies and to engage in intergenerational interaction:

The collaboration of the Day-Care Centre with Fraunhofer during these two years has been very positive because it allows our elderly to have knowledge of a completely different reality, to work with different people and to have access to technologies that they would otherwise possibly never have known.

In addition, she also highlights the willingness of older people to participate in these activities:

It’s fantastic because they feel useful and responsible (…) and I truly appreciate this work and this proposal because they really enrich our activities.


Coverage of the REMPARK project



Here is an article you will not want to miss. The EPDA – European Parkinson’s Disease Association, a partner of the REMPARK project, has prepared an article about REMPARK, its several features, and the role of each partner in the consortium. Fraunhofer team members were interviewed and talk about the results obtained while working closely with end-users, medical doctors and informal caregivers.

Yes, all of it was possible due to our dear user network COLABORAR! Thank you!

Check out the article clicking over here.

Tests for MalariaScope



The MalariaScope project aims to create a solution to provide a pre-diagnosis of Malaria, a public-health problem, to be used in medically under-served areas of developing countries.

In order to improve the aspects related to the usability of the smartphone application, the research team conducted usability tests, questionnaires and interviews to health professionals through the COLABORAR network.

Tests for ChefMyself



ChefMyself will use a tablet and a TV to help older adults make wise food-related choices. The tablet will be a key device in the system as it will talk to the food processor, which, in its turn, will be doing all the cooking.

This time around we asked our older adult friends to try out the structure we had envisioned for the tablet.

The tests couldn’t have been better! Again, we thank the seniors for their helping hand and leave you with some pictures of the session.

Usability tests at Fraunhofer

20140115_01 20140115_03 20140115_02


Once again, Fraunhofer’s team could count on seniors of COLABORAR to participate in the usability tests of two projects: REMPARK and a research project within our Fall Competence Centre. As always, we want to say a huge thank you to all the seniors who took time of their days to come and participate.

Xmas is here!

Christmas is always a wonderful time for us and all our friends in the network COLABORAR.

This year, as usual, we are sending out season greetings cards and we will be also spending some fun afternoons with our friends at the centers gathering around a traditional Portuguese King cake! Yummy!

Keep an eye open for further coverage of our busy Christmas celebrations!


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