Tests for MalariaScope



The MalariaScope project aims to create a solution to provide a pre-diagnosis of Malaria, a public-health problem, to be used in medically under-served areas of developing countries.

In order to improve the aspects related to the usability of the smartphone application, the research team conducted usability tests, questionnaires and interviews to health professionals through the COLABORAR network.

Tests for ChefMyself



ChefMyself will use a tablet and a TV to help older adults make wise food-related choices. The tablet will be a key device in the system as it will talk to the food processor, which, in its turn, will be doing all the cooking.

This time around we asked our older adult friends to try out the structure we had envisioned for the tablet.

The tests couldn’t have been better! Again, we thank the seniors for their helping hand and leave you with some pictures of the session.

Usability tests at Fraunhofer

20140115_01 20140115_03 20140115_02


Once again, Fraunhofer’s team could count on seniors of COLABORAR to participate in the usability tests of two projects: REMPARK and a research project within our Fall Competence Centre. As always, we want to say a huge thank you to all the seniors who took time of their days to come and participate.

Xmas is here!

Christmas is always a wonderful time for us and all our friends in the network COLABORAR.

This year, as usual, we are sending out season greetings cards and we will be also spending some fun afternoons with our friends at the centers gathering around a traditional Portuguese King cake! Yummy!

Keep an eye open for further coverage of our busy Christmas celebrations!


postcards king_cake

In-Home Interviews for ChefMyself


Last week Fraunhofer’s researchers interviewed eleven seniors that are part of our user network COLABORAR for the project ChefMyself – Assistance solution for improving cooking skills and nutritional knowledge for independent elders.
This time, the interviews took place in their own homes and in the end, as usually, we had time for an informal conversation. Thank you so much to all of the elders who collaborated in our project!
Soon we will have more ChefMyself-related news to share with you!

COLABORAR at the AAL Forum 2013


DSC01302 - Copy

Last week Fraunhofer Portugal showcased its projects at the AAL Forum 2013. The three-day event was held at Louis De Geer Konsert & Kongress in Norrköping, Sweden.

The AAL Forum is an annual large technological fair, welcoming researchers, industry companies and participants from all over Europe who work around the topic of ageing. It’s an opportunity to discuss a variety of issues related to Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) for ageing well and to promote products and/or services in the area of Ambient Assisted Living.

This year, COLABORAR also attended the AAL Forum and it was a great opportunity to interact with other research institutions, companies and other institutions related to older adults. In the future, we hope to stay in touch and become partners in new international research projects, exchange experiences and together contribute to shape future technologies!


More usability testing for S4S



We started a new phase of usability testing for S4S and during the next few weeks we will be in some of the centers that are part of COLABORAR. See you soon!

700 tests!

Among usability and validation tests, questionnaires, interviews and focus groups, we have achieved this beautiful number of actions so far: 700!
Thank you so much to all of the participants who gave their time to collaborate with Fraunhofer!

New Technologies at Centro de Convívio da Junta de Freguesia de Rio Tinto



We have already started the collaboration with Centro de Convívio da Junta de Freguesia de Rio Tinto. After the presentation of our project to the elderly, they were very curious about our work and how they could help us.

So, as promised, we returned to the center and spent a few afternoons in the company of these seniors.

Our trip to the Centre coincided with the celebrations of the “Week of the Elderly”, so the atmosphere was festive! In the end, in addition to helping us, they even got to learn how to use some of the features of a smartphone.

End of Melanoma Detection first stage of validation tests



After several weeks, we have finished the image harvest phase for the validation tests of the prototype of Melanoma Detection, a smartphone application that allows the self-monitoring of skin lesions by means of automatic analysis of the image captured by the smartphone.

Thank you to all of the patients who collaborated and praised our work!