Merry Christmas!


These two weeks have been very busy with so many Christmas visits to the Centers that are part of our COLABORAR network. These were meant to return the kindness and dedication of all the seniors who have participated in our tests. There was time to attend Christmas parties organized by the Centers, in which the elderly had the main role, with music performances, choirs and plays full of joy and good spirits.

Thanks to the elderly and those responsible for the institutions, to whom we have offered games and our Christmas card!

Cognitive Games for Seniors



To mark the end of the tests of the Master Thesis CogniPlay – Mobile Serious Games for Seniors, we organized a session of cognitive games to provide a different activity for the elderly who have collaborated with us over the several weeks of testing for the project. Games for tablet were designed specifically for this age group and aim to act towards cognitive stimulation. Seniors played as a team and had much fun!

Hiking safety with AlzNav

During these recent days, we walked the streets of Porto to test the AlzNav. And once again we relied on the collaboration of seniors from our user network COLABORAR. The seniors were guided by AlzNav, an application that consists of a navigation system developed for the elderly population. All arrived at preselected destination!

To learn more about the AlzNav project, please click here.


As of today, seniors registered in our user network COLABORAR will receive a card upon their registration. The card contains the user name, the logo of COLABORAR and a map with landmarks to help get to Fraunhofer AICOS’ facilities.


Seniors visit at Fraunhofer

For three days, Fraunhofer held the evaluation of participants in usability tests of cognitive games developed in the thesis entitled Mobile Serious Games for Seniors. Among the questionnaires and assessments, we talked and laughed a lot together. We loved hosting our senior friends at Fraunhofer!

Dance. Don’t Fall! at Centro Social das Antas


At the request of the elders of Centro Social das Antas, we have organized jointly with the responsible of the Center an afternoon themed dance! The aim was to celebrate the arrival of summer and provide elderly fun times. Some of the elderly already knew Dance. Don’t Fall! (DDF) after taking part in the usability test phase.

After the tests, they headed back to the Center and commented with colleagues how much fun they had with participating in the tests. So, the other seniors also wanted to try the game out! Thus, we took all the necessary equipment to the Center and inaugurated the dance floor! Then, one by one, all of the seniors danced.
It was a nice afternoon at Centro Social das Antas!