Fraunhofer's projects at the AAL Forum 2015 in Belgium

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Fraunhofer’s projects were displayed at the AAL Forum 2015, an annual event that gathers Information and Communication Technologies scientists, representatives of the End-user institutions, companies and the public in general interested in new technologies for the promotion of well-being for seniors and people with some disabilities.

This year, the fair takes place in Ghent, in Belgium and the Fraunhofer’s projects highlighted are ChefMyself, SmartBEAT (management of heart failure in older adults) and KneegraphyChefMyself are displaying its kitchen robot and tablet, with live cooking sessions. Plus, there are Flyers of other projects: ExerBalance, mActivityClassify, EzNav, NeuropathyDetect, SmartCompanion, ANIEPIL (in the area of nutrition), COPDHelper (management of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) and EyeFundusScope (related to diabetic retinopathy). Sharing the booth with Fraunhofer is Gociety, who have just won an award for Excellent Smart Health Innovation.

COLABORAR could not miss the opportunity to present itself as the largest network of senior co-developers in Europe, as it reunites more than 400 users, over 40 partner institutions and carried out over 1500 design & research activities with seniors and health and social professionals.

We give you a sneak peek of the AAL Forum 2015.

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