Sneak peek at our new project

We are delighted that the PortoPilot project, coordinated by our colleague at the Human-Centred Design group, has been approved for funding in the Porto Challenges area framework.

The main objective of the PortoPilot project is to tackle loneliness of older people by training them in using new technologies. The project will comprise focus groups (group discussions) to assess participants’ needs in terms of technology interaction (main difficulties, motivation and interest) so that researchers can identify the appropriate technologies and solutions for each person. After this initial research phase, the researchers will provide each person with the technology that has been found to be most appropriate (smartphone, tablet, activity bracelet) as well as the applications that will allow the best use of that technology in between applications developed by Fraunhofer Portugal AICOS, or applications already available for free on the market. Initial training will be given to each participant (or group of participants). During the pilot period, periodic visits will be made according to the availability and needs of the participants. During these visits, any doubts that may arise will be clarified, topics related to technology will be discussed, or training sessions will be promoted on various topics related to technology use. At the end of the pilot, interviews will be conducted with the participants to collect information about their experience during the pilot and their impressions on the use of technology, advantages and difficulties. 

The pilot will take place in Porto, and users from COLABORAR will benefit from this personalised support with technology. We are looking forward to fruitful research.