COLABORAR volunteers at the Hack for Good Gulbenkian

The COLABORAR volunteers gave an important help at the Hack for Good Gulbenkian, a technological development marathon with social impact organized by Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian.

Our volunteers were the stars of the event because they participated in the role of experts in technology for older adults. The young competitors validated their ideas for projects with the 15 volunteers, who gave some tips about practical and useful aspects they should include in their projects in order to have impact in seniors’ daily life. Their knowledge on technology comes from individual propensity, constant updating spirit, a close look at the new technological features that are appearing and, of course, their experiences in participating in research activities using technology from Fraunhofer Portugal AICOS.

The participation of older adults in this event was hilighted in the media – additionally to the COLABORAR and Fraunhofer Portugal AICOS Facebook pages – and you can see here a news piece from the online journal “Dinheiro Vivo”.