COLABORAR network helps create technology for people with dementia

Fraunhofer Portugal AICOS recently launched another project: AUTONONOUS. This is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) system that can be integrated into existing technologies, such as smartwatches, to help people with dementia carry out day-to-day activities and prolong independent living at home.

The project involves co-design activities and usability testing of the technology. Once again, the Fraunhofer Portugal AICOS volunteer network – COLABORAR – will be key in this regard. Throughout the AUTONOMOUS project and the development of the proposed solutions, there will be continuous close working between the researchers and people with dementia and their carers, be they family members, technicians or assistants from the institutions.

This solution, proposed by Fraunhofer Portugal AICOS in partnership with Carnegie Mellon University and LUCA School of Arts, was selected as one of the semi-finalist winners of the Longitude Prize for Dementia.

Each of the 24 semi-finalists receives £80k grants as part of the overall £4m Longitude Prize on Dementia, driving the co-creation of personalised technologies to help people living with dementia enjoy independent and fulfilled lives. The Longitude Prize on Dementia is funded by Alzheimer’s Society and Innovate UK and delivered by Challenge Works.